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    $75 - $100
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    03/25/2019 - 03/25/2020
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    Internal Auditor Manager needed for our client in Frankfort, Kentucky for a one-year contract and possible four-year renewal on contract length. 

    Job Description for the Internal Auditor Manager needed: 

    Internal Audit Manager needed to provide professional consulting services to assist with building an internal audit function for our client and to assist in the development and execution of an internal audit plan in FY 2020.  

    Job duties include: 

    A. Building of Internal Audit Function 1.  The Internal Auditor shall assist our client in building an internal audit function including identification of other needed staff support (number of staff needed and job descriptions), and with hiring of internal audit staff.


    2.  The Internal Audit Manager shall provide training to any internal auditors hired by the client during the contract term.

    B. Development and Execution of Internal Audit Plan for FY2020

    C.  Experience with Internal Controls/SOX and Risk Management a must 

    1. The Internal Audit Manager shall develop an internal audit work plan in consultation with the Director of Internal Audit to assess the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control systems for the client.  The internal audit work plan will be presented to the Audit Oversight Committee for approval.

    2. Services provided during the development and execution of the internal audit plan shall include the following:

    i.  Supporting the Internal Auditing Director in the design and preparation of processes, toolkits, and procedures for internal client auditing.

    ii. Supporting the client in the design, preparation, and compilation of risk assessments, if required by the internal audit plan, and preparing, coordinating and performing risk assessment reviews of internal controls over operations and compliance. Any assessments must evaluate financial risk as well as business risk (legal, regulatory, strategic, reputation). Risk assessments will be designated by the Audit Oversight Committee. Examples of risk assessments that may be requested by the Audit Oversight Committee include the following:

    a. Determining whether segregation of duties and internal controls relating to budget and other financial processes including payroll are adequate and effective to provide reasonable assurance that the financial information is accurate and reliable and that the risk of fraud, waste, and abuse is at an acceptably low level.

    b. Determining whether internal controls over compliance with policies and procedures including grant requirements are adequate and effective to ensure that proper compliance actually occurs.

    c. Determining whether controls over operations and programs are adequate and effective to provide reasonable assurance that the operations and programs are being carried out as planned and that the results of operations are consistent with goals and objectives.

    iii. Based on the internal audit plan and any consultant-prepared risk assessments, assisting the client in creating or improving documentation of policies and processes to ensure proper controls and segregation of duties are in place to prevent fraud and increase efficiency.

    iv. Providing recommendations for strengthening internal controls in order to lower identified risks to the client and improve fraud detection and control.

    v. Providing recommendations for implementing best practices in instances where policies, procedures and processes do not exist or should be improved upon.

    vi. Providing staff to test areas identified in the audit work plan.

    3. The Internal Audit Manager shall manage an Internal Audit Project Manager and a dedicated project management plan that shall provide an outline for who is responsible for coordinating all meetings, tracking and maintaining all activity, and proactively updating the client on the status of all deliverables.

    4. The Internal Audit Manager will also manage at least two additional staff to supplement the client's exisitng staff in executing the internal audit plan and performing risk assessments as described in the internal audit plan for FY 2020.

    5. The Internal Audit Manager shall report to leadership and the Audit Committee significant risk exposures and control issues, including fraud risks, governance issues, and other matters needed or requested by the Audit Committee in consultation with the the client's management team. 

    6. The Internal Audit Manager shall provide an overall annual conclusion on the audited control environment to management and the Audit Committee.

    7. The Internal Audit Manager shall confirm to management and the Audit Committee, at least annually, the organizational independence of the internal audit activity.

    8. The Internal Audit Manager shall monitor the clearing and implementation of the audit findings and recommendations and shall provide follow-up on engagement findings and recommendations to management and the Audit Committee.

    9. The Internal Audit Manager shall attend Audit Committee meetings and provide feedback on internal audits completed, the management of risks including a regular overview of the control environment, as requested. 

    Last date to submit resumes is 03.18.19

    The contract is anticipated to begin on 04.01.19 and last through 04.01.2020 with possibility of four-year renewal on contract length. 

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