Business Intelligence Analyst

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    $55 - $68
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    11/01/2020 - 01/01/2021
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    Pay Range: $55-$68/hour (1.5x over 40 hours/week)

    Project length: 2 months. High probability of additional projects and extention into 2021.

    Location: *Remote*

    Our client, a $10BB global company, is seeking a high flying Business Intelligence Analyst (Power-BI) with experience analyzing and turning around data in a fast and concise manner.

    Start Date: 11/2/2020, or sooner

    Reports To: Director of Finance, Supply Chain NA

    Must have experience/skillset:

    1. SAP navigation and data usage
    2. Microsoft Power BI expertise
    3. SAP Business Explorer experience
    4. Microsoft Excel & macro data experience (Advanced User)

    Preferred additional experience/skillset:

    1. Supply chain experience
    2. Cost accounting exposure

    Projects to be completed:

    Material Loss Yield Reporting

    • Build a user-friendly power BI or macro that provides a summary of what is driving our yield variances (I.E. substitution, etc.).
    • Establish targets for each material in terms of yield loss %, develop reporting in Power BI to easily identify which variances are off target.
    • Expand upon existing charts, graphs to clearly show areas where attention and action need to take place (drive actionable items).
    • Develop macro or process to expand upon daily material loss report in Power BI (currently in power BI but does not tie to anything due to manual adjustments.
    • Determine user friendly way to complete this process daily and adapt it into Power BI).

    E&O Data Analytics/Forecast Model

    • Create a user-friendly power BI that converts E&O information into a user-friendly format that drives execution and easily obtainable results.
    • Create user-friendly macro or excel model that uses statistical forecasting to give outputs on what to forecast for the out months.

    Project Milestone Model & Data Input/Turnaround

    • Build a comprehensive data input model that captures all milestones needed for the completion of capital projects.
    • Partner with selected project managers to convert current projects into model. Model should also help plant leaders forecast cost and expected month long spend.
    • Outline what the expected process should be via word documentation

    Savings dashboard

    • Design a comprehensive savings dashboard and convert all 2021 projects in view into a savings tracker.
    • Covert the aforementioned tracker into usable information and create on-going process to input tracker into Power Steering on a monthly basis.
    • Split savings into fixed and variable savings in power steering



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