Business Process Auditor

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    $80 - $95
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    New York
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    New York
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    04/18/2021 - 07/18/2021
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    Our large Public Accounting client is looking for a Finance Transformation / Process Review Professional to assist a public client.  This role is 100% REMOTE and may extend.


    • Conduct interviews and process walkthroughs – we will meet with key personnel associated with the in-scope areas to better understand organizational structure, staffing, job responsibilities, and business processes and practices. As part of our review, we will seek to understand certain key functions through select process walkthroughs (that will serve to supplement the “tell me” with “show me”) and compare activities performed to management’s expectations. Additionally, we will selectively meet with individuals in areas who collaborate with, or are served by, the business functions to gain their perspective on service delivery and opportunities for improvement.
    • Analyze business processes – we will analyze process and information flows and document our understanding to the extent necessary to support our analysis, to identify key control points or weaknesses, and to highlight areas with potential for improvement in efficiencies and effectiveness to recommend to management for their consideration. The flows that are created will also serve as excellent “leave behind” documentation that can be used by management for training and other purposes.
    • Assess operational and systems controls – based on our understanding of the key finance, accounting, and grants business processes, we will identify key areas of risk and will evaluate existing controls and note for management’s consideration where additional controls would help to mitigate existing or potential control gaps/weaknesses (i.e., “design effectiveness” of controls).
    • Analyze organizational structure – we will review the current organizational structure and staffing requirements within the Finance, Accounting, and Grants functions, including current job responsibilities, opportunities to enhance skills and capabilities, personnel issues (cross training, job backup, etc.), and coordination of activities between departments.
    • Assess supporting technology – we will suggest for management’s consideration how technology could be improved to better support business processes (by identifying deficiencies in either the applications themselves, how they are used, or how they interface with other systems).
    • Analyze findings and recommend alternatives – we will analyze our findings and suggest for management’s consideration alternative short- and long-term enhancements to practices (processes, responsibilities, and information flows), organization, and systems. As part of our deliverable, we will document our key observations and findings, and for each finding, explain its impact and recommended course of action. In addition, for each ‘deeper-dive’ area, we will provide suggested future state process flows and/or more detailed recommendations that provide management with additional insight regarding best practices-based enhancements for the function. We will also note effective practices, both to avoid “taking the eye off the ball” on things that work as improvement efforts in other areas get underway, and to identify internal best practices that can be applied to other areas that might need remediation.
    • Develop action plan – it is extremely important that recommendations do not “end up on a shelf”, but are implemented. As part of our report, we will create a suggested implementation action plan to assist management and departmental resources with the execution of the activities required to effect change. We will organize our short-term and long-term recommendations into a suggested action plan, composed of projects (i.e., logical groupings of recommendations) prioritized based on potential impact and level of effort, which will be a blueprint for the steps that management may consider taking.
    • Final presentation – we will summarize and present our findings and recommendations to senior management for their review and consideration.
    • Extensive experience in not-for-profit finance and grants management operations, including best practices related to business process, organization, and use of technology (to enable process automation, analytics, etc.).
    • Functional knowledge of grants management and its interface with finance (e.g., financial close process) required.

    Overall Scope:

    • The objective of this operational review will be to provide improvement recommendations for management’s consideration that address the efficiency, effectiveness, and controls within the Finance, Accounting, and Grants functions. We will review key policies, procedures and controls, and the impact that systems, technologies, organization structure, marketplace changes, and the like have on the successful execution of day-to-day activities. Issues to be addressed include evaluating:

      • Whether the in-scope functions are acquiring, protecting, and using resources economically and efficiently, including identifying duplication of effort by employees or manual work that could be automated, along with process delays in service delivery and execution.
      • The effectiveness of the business functions in performing their responsibilities in serving internal and external constituents.
      • Whether the in-scope functions have in place the proper operational and systems controls to safeguard assets against unauthorized or improper use, and that transactions are properly authorized, recorded, and reported (i.e., integrity of information)
      • Whether key management reports provide the information necessary to support effective fiscal and operational oversight
      • Whether the organization of the business functions and the flow of information between them and other areas (e.g., Fundraising, Programs) is appropriately designed.
      • The factors inhibiting satisfactory performance of the business functions and remedies for inefficient and ineffective practices.
      • The scope of this project would involve assessing the following key functions associated with Finance, Accounting, and Grants activities:

        • Finance and Accounting

          • Procure to Pay (Purchasing, Contracts Management, Accounts Payable, T&E Expenses, Cash Disbursements)
          • Record to Report (General Accounting, Period End Close*, Financial Reporting)
          • Payroll (including interface with HR)
          • Cash Management (Treasury, Receivables Management, Cash Receipts and Collections, Adjustments)
          • Investments
          • Fixed Assets

        • Grants

          • Pre-Award Management

            • Proposal/application and budget review and approval
            • Awarding

          • Post-Award Management

            • Report preparation and review
            • Time reporting
            • Expense management*
            • Budget management
            • Grant records/data management
            • Amendments, modifications, and extensions
            • Grant closeout


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